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ART utilizes state-of-the ART machines, tool and manufacturing techniques. This enables us to meet our customer’s unique requirements.

The precision turning and milling of very small, small, complex, and high volume parts and assemblies, in a wide variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper, gold, Teflon, plastics, and many others.


Whether it is a new or well understood process, ART can add engineering value and offer world market competitive pricing.

ART’S experience adds value in ‘design for manufacturing’ for prototypes, low and medium volume manufacturing and high volume manufacturing.

ART’S Australian location serves customers well in shipping parts world wide and offering clear advantages communicating in the Asia and Pacific regions.

ART is often called on for sophisticated and complex parts which are sent to the USA, Asia, Europe and South America for manufacture of a finished product.

Our Materials

Contact Art for a list of relevant client/customer references for your application or to discuss your current project.

Mild steel, Brass, Aluminium, Titanium, Copper, Beryllium, copper, De-zinc Brass, High-performance plastics, Nylon, Acetal and much more.

ART works with a wide array of materials

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

ART has a proven track record and continues to perform and provide world class service at a competitive price in the following industries shipping parts to Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. We are able to understand our customer’s needs, and communicate effectively and add value in engineering expertise across a wide range of industries. Often, we are asked to work on highly sensitive projects and asked to provide input in design for manufacture of parts and assemblies. We manufacture parts that range from third generation artificial hearts to automotive brake parts and ammunition

We also have connections in the CNC machining, fabrication, steel processing, manufacturing and materials handling side of engineering in Australia. Galvin Engineering are the best in Australia and we trust them for all of our client recommendations. Check them out at https://www.galvineng.com.au/

Medical, Dental & Surgical

We supply high-quality products to the Medical, Dental & Surgical industry.

White Goods & Appliances

We supply high-quality products to the White Goods & Appliances industry

Electronic and Electrical

We supply high-quality products to the Electronic and Electrical industry

Need Help with building high-quality products? We Are Experts!